225 NE 90 St El Portal, FL 33138 (TOXIC MOLD ALERT)


Mike Vigil has not been a good landlord in my opinion We had TOXIC mold in our property for almost a year I do not recommend Mike Vigil of 225 NE 90 ST El Portal, FL 33138 for any business transactions. Stay Way! In my experience, it appears he looks for the cheapest shortcuts but has no concern for the results or outcomes and damages it causes.

If you are looking to but this home in El Portal. I would HIGHLY recommend getting experts to inspect this house inside and out. There are all sorts of problems! From shoddy workmanship to mold-infested walls and rooms.

This is his other site: MikeBuysFloridaHouses.com

I hope he decides to finally remedy the problem but from my experience I am not hopeful!

When I moved out 3 weeks ago, he literally put up the same mold/toxic infested drapes.